Frequently Asked Questions

When you enter data either by manual entry or with csv upload the data is held in the browser on your computer. After you press the Launch Analysis button, your data is encrypted and sent to an encrypted server (AES-256).

At no point is your uploaded data readable by internal or external sources without a request by you. Data becomes stale as soon as you close the web browser and is automatically deleted after 24 hours of last manipulation.

After requesting analyses, your encrypted session password (RSA-OAEP 4096) is sent along with the analysis parameters to perform the computations. Your data is encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest. It is unencrypted temporarily in memory for the duration of the computation only when you make a request and is deleted after use.

It is strongly recommended you close the tab or window when you are done using GoFactr.

GoFactr makes a good faith effort to provide a level of data security but it is up to you to understand the requirements associated with your data.

A valid CSV, comma separated value, file is one where the first row has the header names, the second and all subsequent rows have the information. After each value a comma occurs and a return starts a new line. Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Qualtrics all support writing data out as a CSV file. You can also open any text editor, like notepad, and enter values in there.

CSV Example File

Header1, Header2, Header3, Header4
Value1, Value2, Value3, Value4
Value5, Value6, Value7, Value8

Download Example

We have tested on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Safari for iOS and ipadOS. Desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, Brave are verified as supported; Safari on macOS has also been reported as working. Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge Browser is also supported. What about Internet Explorer? IE is a dying web browser and hasn't been tested or reported to be working. Android remains largely untested and is currently unknown.

The purpose of GoFactr is not to replace these powerful research tools, it is to provide an intuitive, online statistics program alternative that is easy to use. GoFactr doesn't require downloading/installing a program, runs on tablets/smartphones/desktop/laptops and is aimed at the undergraduate or beginning researcher.

GoFactr currently only supports the most used statistical tests: Descriptive Statistics, Regression, T-Tests, ANOVA and Factor Analysis. Information about how to perform these tests can be found on the documentation page. There are no current plans to expand this list beyond item response theory. Again, the goal of GoFactr is not to compete with the other great tools out there, it's to provide an straight forward alternative that is easy to use. That being said, send an email and it will be considered.

The first result will usually take longer than all subsequent ones. This is because the server is in a cold state and needs to warm up. Webpages work the same way, the first time you visit a site it takes longer than if it is cached. Other issues could be the size of your dataset. GoFactr has been tested on datasets of ~20,000 participants and responds quickly. If you have 100,000's of data points, it could take longer.

Maybe. GoFactr is a small company and currently prioritizes stability and usability over feature expansion. Letting us know what you would like puts it on our radar so send us an email with subject title "Feature Request" and we'll get back to you.

Our main priority is getting the website in useful, stable state. We have ambitious plans to add item response theory (IRT) but are still determining the best integration plan. Our long-term goals are to make the table input easier on phones and tablets and add utility functions most undergraduates use.

The best ways to help are letting other people know GoFactr exists, following us on facebook, and/or providing feedback about issues. By letting us know where and how to improve GoFactr, we can improve the user experience for everyone.

Have a specific question? You can send us an email directly at or contact us via the contact page.